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These socks help to keep your feet warm due to the 12% silver content. Can help with Raynaud’s, Scleroderma, Chilblains, athletes oot and foot perspiration and odour. more details
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More Details
Research has shown that wearing socks with silver whilst standing on a grounding (earthing) mat can reduce the AC charge of your body just as well as being barefoot. Containing natural pure silver, socks with silver are able to keep your feet much warmer when compared to normal socks. Great as bed socks if you suffer cold feet as they are soft hold.

Due to the natural pure silver threads woven into these socks, heat loss is minimised from the feet by the reflection of 95% of the body’s energy back to the skin.
Socks with Silver are recommended by the Raynaud’s & Scleroderma Association, and may also help sufferers of Peripheral Neuropathy (through having chemotherapy, diabetes etc.) and give control of Chilblains, Athletes Foot, Foot Perspiration and Odour.

Key points;-
•Offers medical benefits and natural healing;
•Can help with cold, numbness, tingling and pain;
•Proven to help keep your feet and toes warmer;
•Ideal for sufferers of Raynaud’s Disease and Peripheral Neuropathy i.e. chemotherapy, diabetes

12% Silver Sock Content
Combed Cotton 72%, Polyamide/Nylon  16%, Natural Silver 12%

  • Size Chart...approximate
  • Small     = UK 2 - 4 / EU 34-37.5
  • Medium = UK 5 - 6.5 / EU 38 – 40
  • Large     = UK 7 – 9 / EU 41.5 – 44
  • X-L         = UK10 - 11 / EU 45 - 46.5
  • XX-L      =  UK 12 - 14 / EU 47 - 50

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