IMAK Smart Glove for Wrist support

The IMAK Orthopedic SmartGlove helps prevent & relieve wrist pain associated with RSI (repetitive strain injury) CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) arthritis & tendonitis. more details
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The IMAK Smart Glove features a flexible back of hand support splint for full use of the hand washable and breathable cotton Lycra for all day comfort. Designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use, especially in the work place. See our Healthy Workspace hints page.
The ergoBeads pad located on the underside of the wrist, massages, cushions and improves circulation.

Helps prevent and relieve pain from RSI (repetitive strain injury) and CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) arthritis, fibromyalgia and tendonitis
Increases comfort and circulation.
Ensures ergonomically correct wrist position.
Cushions and protects the underside of the wrist, including the pisiform bone.

Reversible to fit left or right hand. Supporting wrist and hand splint can be reversed.
Use the SmartGlove for RSI (repetitive strain injury) and CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) arthritis, tendonitis and other wrist and hand pain.
Washable cotton Lycra

Available in: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large. See View Sizing Guide
To measure your hand for the size you need, palm side up, take a ruler, place it across the base of your fingers and measure the distance across your palm.

The line of products is exceptionally comfortable and unique in today’s market, thanks to IMAK’s innovative and unique technology as well as use of quality materials. IMAK products are receiving praise in the USA not only from customers but also health care providers, consumer publications and medical journals. All of the factors taken together make IMAK products superior on the current market.

IMAK, the innovators of pain relief products.

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Customer Reviews

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5 Star Rating - 18 May 2015
Reviewer: Matthew from Lincs
I measured my hand as a small, but had to return it for an Extra Small. PC Valet sent a replacement immediately, no probs. Made of a soft jersey with a bean bag type pad for under your hand and a bar support along the back of your wrist. The bar is like compressed foam, stiff enough to offer some support, but doesnt dig into the back of your hand. This support allows some natural movement.
5 Star Rating - 26 September 2013
Reviewer: Chas from Hampshire

Thank you for he speedy delivery of my order.

This email is in response to your request for comments on the way you re-package the order.

Personally, I think the person who thought “out of the box” should be praised for their initiative. Firstly, too much waste is created by over packaging: the boxes etc. immediately being placed in the refuse or if lucky in the recycling. It might sell items on the supermarket shelf, to the less savvy, by out-shining the competitions’ boxes, but its the contents that should be of relevance to the consumer not the flashy box.

Secondly, with this bit of initiative .. the cost to yourselves and ultimately to us the customer is reduced, and the Royal Mail is denied unworthy extra profit because the item is e.g. a millimetre or so outside its arbitrary size boundaries. It is so easy for a person to weigh an item and adjust appropriately to remove a gramme or two to reduce the postage cost BUT that is not in the best interest of the Royal Mail. How many people are going to measure LxBxH , or have the time to do so, to make a more economical postage. I cannot think its very many, so I guess that this is why the mail adopt the latter policy.

In summary, well done to the person at PC Valet who came up with the idea. I’m too old to be a “Twitter” or go on Face Book etc. but I would encourage them to spread the idea via these media, as it appears to be the modern way of getting a message out.

Regards Chas

5 Star Rating IMAK smart glove - relief for RSI - 21 February 2012
Reviewer: Judy from Kent
Thank you for such a speedy delivery. This is so comfortable to wear and the underneath part with the eco beads helps too. The only thing I have had to do is to take out the splint on the top of the glove.

That is a good idea Judy, we have also had customers who like the support but don't want the ergobeads, so they have removed them and have reported back that for them it has improved the support the glove gives them.

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