IMAK Knee Strap for Runners, Tennis, Golfers and Other Sports

The IMAK Knee Strap provides non-invasive, targeted pain relief for your knee. more details
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The IMAK Knee Strap provides non-invasive, targeted pain relief for your knee. Use the IMAK Knee Strap for relief from tendinitis, chondromalacia, runner's and jumper's knee, Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS or ITBFS), Osgood-Schlatter's disease and other knee conditions.

The exclusive ergoBeads Pressure Pad conforms to your knee’s anatomy to provide gentle, focused pressure for maximum support, comfort and stability. It helps stabilize the kneecap to improve alignment. The IMAK Knee Strap also features a dual-locking system to offer flexible tension and a perfect fit.

Provides focused pressure to reduce knee pain.
Helps stabilize kneecap to improve alignment and tracking.
Patent-pending technology allows the ergoBeads Pressure Pad to conform to the anatomy of your knee.
Dual locking system offers flexible tension and custom fit for maximum performance.
Lined with soft cotton Lycra to ensure cool, dry comfort for your active lifestyle.

Hand wash cold, Air dry

The line of products is exceptionally comfortable and unique in today’s market, thanks to IMAK’s innovative and unique technology as well as use of quality materials. IMAK products are receiving praise in the USA not only from customers but also health care providers, consumer publications and medical journals. All of the factors taken together make IMAK products superior on the current market.

IMAK, the innovators of pain relief products.

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Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating - 20 April 2013
Reviewer: Thorolf from Netherlands
No problem, thanks for good service and fast dispatch, I just received them ;), and they cured my Itbs instantly when fitted correctly for Itbs, which is placing the pressure pad not under the kneecap but on the outer side, just beneath the condyle, in the little valley between where the itbs band slides over the condyle and where the itbs band attatches to the bone, this was a godsend, now I can go on expeditions again, thanks for awesome products and fast order handling ;)
5 Star Rating - 7 May 2011
Reviewer: Gary from Avon
Everything arrived in good time and I am pleased with my purchases.

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